Corporate Trade / Asset Solutions

E&A Worldwide Traders, Inc. in West Babylon, NY works with retailers and manufacturers to maximize the value of their assets –excess stock/product, discontinued, short-dated, and more.

We will research, inspect, and evaluate your assets, factor the strength of our personal trading relationships to maximize the value we can deliver to you.

We can design programs to include asset liquidation and manage every aspect of implementation.

E&A Worldwide Traders, Inc. has been in the corporate trade industry for over 20 years. The dual currency of cash and trade credits, a GAAP approved cash equivalent, helps you achieve above market value for your assets by purchasing high quality media at your benchmark prices. Your result: more cash savings and financial flexibility.

As an innovator in the cash liquidation business, E&A Worldwide Traders, Inc. offers a range of options. Our transactions are designed to give clients more flexibility and faster access to the value of their assets so they may recoup up to 100% of the book value. Our approach streamlines the barter process and generates a higher rate of return.

Manufacturers come to us because one or more of their assets have lost some (or, in some cases, nearly all) of their market value. E&A Worldwide Traders, Inc. acquires the assets, often paying substantially more than buyers in the open market. In exchange, our clients buy goods and/or services over time from us at the rates they would normally pay.

E&A Worldwide Traders, Inc. purchases underperforming assets at full, original value in cash, trade, or combination of both.